Comprehensive Plan
Amending the DC Comprehensive Plan

"Road Map" for Comprehensive Plan Second Amendment Cycle

As part of the Comprehensive Plan Second Amendment Cycle, the Office of Planning (OP) will incorporate into the Comprehensive Plan all appropriate policies and recommendations from Small Area Plans (already adopted by DC Council), as well as key policies and recommendations from other plans and studies completed by OP since the last Amendment Cycle.  OP will also review relevant plans completed by District agencies and federal partners, including agency strategic plans, operational plans, and long range plans in order to identify additional guidance for consideration during the Amendment process.   

The following plans (listed below) have been developed through previous stakeholder engagement processes, and will be considered as part of the Comprehensive Plan Amendment process:   

Small Area Plans (adopted by DC Council) Note: Small Area Plans supplement the Comprehensive Plan by providing detailed direction for the development of city blocks, corridors, and neighborhoods, including land use change recommendations.

Neighborhood Plans (completed by OP) 

Citywide Plans (completed by OP)

Other Plans (completed by District Agencies and/or Federal Partners)