Comprehensive Plan

Call to Action

Mayor Bowser’s Comp Plan Update was submitted to Council in April 2020. Council now has the opportunity to approve the plan in 2020 to ensure the District can achieve critical goals around economic recovery, housing, equity, and resilience, among others. You can play a part in the approval of the Comp Plan by:

  1. Learning more about the proposal and supporting material on this website.
  2. Follow the Council's process on the Comp Plan by visiting
  3. Following @OPinDC online and join the #CompPlan2020 conversation.

Why should the Comp Plan Update be approved?

  • This update is the product of unprecedented public engagement, with input from over 10,000 residents, officials and stakeholders since 2016.
  • The update will help guide the District’s COVID-19 continued response and recovery. New policies and actions address not only the current public health crisis, but also the compounding economic and racial justice crises to ensure the District recovers stronger. 
  • The update will support the District’s acute housing needs by aligning with Mayor Bowser’s housing goals and more equitably distributing affordable housing across the District. 
  • The update is needed to move forward with priority place-based planning initiatives. Without approval, OP will not have the updated guidance required to complete Small Area Plans and other neighborhood-based work.
  • The update is needed to further OP’s public and civic life work - which has become even more critical given public health guidelines and racial justice demonstrations. It provides updated policy direction for commemorative works, historic preservation, the development of public life studies, and the activation of public spaces. Without this language, these critical initiatives may be delayed. 

To learn more about the importance of passing the Comp Plan in 2020, read our note to District residents. 

Interested in exploring some of our latest Comp Plan updates? Read our element highlights below or follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #CompPlan2020 and #PlanDC.

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