Comprehensive Plan
Amending the DC Comprehensive Plan

Amendment Process

Why amend the Comprehensive Plan now? 

View the Road Map for Comprehensive Plan Second Amendment Cycle.

Any individual or group can submit an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. An Interagency Review Team consisting of various agencies within DC government will evaluate each proposed amendment based on an Evaluation Framework that will be grounded in the 5 Core Themes of the Comprehensive Plan and informed by public input. The Interagency Review Team will provide written justification for why every proposed amendment should or should not be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan.

Amendments are being accepted during an “open call” period through May 26, 2017.  Prior to this 60-day period and continuing during that period, OP will provide technical assistance and guidance on how to properly structure and submit amendments. The Evaluation Framework (PDF) has been released so that anyone proposing an amendment will know the criteria the Interagency Review Team will use to evaluate each amendment.

At the same time that the public will be submitting amendments through the open call, internal staff from the Office of Planning and other government agencies will also be submitting amendments to update outdated narratives and reflect policy changes that have occurred since the last amendment cycle in 2010. These internal amendments will go through the same set of evaluation criteria and their justifications will be provided as a public record.

In early fall 2017, OP will release a draft of all approved amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and invite 30-60 days of public comment before the final amended Comprehensive Plan is sent to DC Council as legislation.

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