Comprehensive Plan
Amending the DC Comprehensive Plan

Amendment Process


As part of the amendment process, OP conducted a robust and comprehensive engagement process starting with 7 city wide “town hall” meetings during the Fall of 2016. OP also coordinated with over 40 District agencies and Federal partners to review current policies, provide updated data and to draft new policies and actions to reflect new policy direction across agencies.. During the three month Open Call period, OP hosted “office hours” at convenient community based locations (libraries, coffee shops etc) across all 8 Wards of the City. The “office hours” provided an opportunity for any resident to drop by various locations and speak with staff regarding the Comp Plan process or other issues and concerns important in their community. OP staffed 54 hours of time at these community locations. Additionally, OP also provided “Lobby Hours” at our 1100 4th Street, SW location where residents could stop by the lobby to speak to ask question and receive technical assistance. To date, OP staffed over 54 hours of “Lobby Hours.” OP received over 3,000 amendments during the Open Call period reflecting a diverse mix of ANC’s, individual residents, and civic organizations.